Pitchwheel audio demos
These movie demonstrations show how the user interacts with Pitchwheel. Please note that for the sake of download times, the movies are displayed at half size and mono. These are all real-time effects.
A demonstration of the tight transient positioning in Pitchwheel. The percussive hits stay right on the beat, without the flam effect usually heard with other pitch shifters.
This video explores different character changes to a voice. The formants can be shifted independently from the pitch, giving strange nasally sounds or weird little creatures.
Fixing the formants at zero provides natural pitch changes as the shape of the spectrum or 'throat' is kept the same.
This demonstrates that timbre changes can have a massive effect on some sounds. Here a simple repeating synthesiser sample is pulled about in pitch and timbre, but keeps accurate timing throughout.

Earlier version demos

Got a cool analogue sample, but don't have the synth that made it? Fit it into a track rather than make the track fit the sample. Using a slight portamento enables smooth transitions, allowing note changes without the clicks from cutting the sample up in an editor. Doing this live creates spontaneity to the performance. Note, the unaffected sample in the first bar has pitch changes included.
A demo of the crazy multi-octave pitch spins that can be achieved through MIDI, or really low gravity and high inertia settings.
*Warning: contains extremely low frequencies.
This is an example of the 'MIDI only' mode. A short vocal part is repeating continuously in the host, and the harmony parts are simply played through a MIDI track. Up to 8 voices can be used. The fixed spectral envelope creates a more natural voice, and prevents the 'chipmunk' effect.
This long chord is detuned slowly with low gravity and intertia settings. It creates a ghostly effect and demonstrates the sample accurate pitch changes of Pitchwheel.
The actual pitch, denoted by the inner ring, swings around the user controlled pitch settings.
The instruments are perfectly pitch shifted and show the vibrato effect of the gravity settings.