BarChimes video demos
These movie demonstrations show the general behaviour of the BarChimes plugin.. Please note that for the sake of download times, the movies are displayed at half original size, and in mono.
The standard preset simulates real Bar Chimes as closely as possible. With gravity, collisions and most importantly sound.

The bar's pitch and harmonics can be fully adjusted, along with initial percussive resonance and decay.

See how the sweep direction pushes the simulated bars towards the left.

This is the real thing!
Here's a great demonstration of how the simulator was carefully modelled on the actual instrument.
The difference is that gravity and time can be changed in the simulation! Bar length, physical material attributes, EQ effects, panning, directional wind with adjustable power, then there's the collision, pitch and decay parameters...
This video shows time and physics being altered by the 'Time Delta' slider.  The option to slow down the sound to match the physics is also enabled.

This also demonstrates the easy to use and unobtrusive parameter menus.

This demonstrates a default standard physics setup, with added wind effect. The 'Visual collisions' option has been set for added effect.

Being a complex chaotic system, every single collision will effect all collisions in the future. With the addition of random numbers in the kinetic calculations, make the likelyhood of any repetition simply uncountable!

Wind can be turned off if the 'host' software is not in play mode. So any compositions will have a quiet start if you wish.

This video shows time and physics slow-motion.  The option to slow down the sound to match the physics is also enabled.
The pure sound is the result of turning down the gain of the harmonic partials, and the percussion sounds - leaving just the fundamental.

You could automate the wind power for varying densities -  great for ambient tracks!